Co-operating partners

Karlsruhe - Germany
23 to 25 April 2008 
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Co-operating partners

These partners guarantee the world-wide acceptance of RESALE

BDEx - Federation of the German Export Trade

75 exporters of used machinery and equipment

bfai - German Office for Foreign Trade

50 bfai – correspondents abroad

DUMA – Dutch Used Machinery Association

EAMTM - European Association of Machine Tool Merchants

262 member companies in 23 countries

FDM - Trade Association for Machine Tools and Tools

160 member companies in 10 countries

GTZ - German Association for Technical Cooperation

H.A.G. - Umbrella Organisation Agricultural Machinery Trade and Manufacturing Industry

HLT – Association for Agricultural Technology
Group of leading specialist companies in the agricultural machinery sector

65 specialists in agricultural machinery

In association with 270 World Trade Centers in 90 countries
At RESALE 2006 a total of 210 exhibitors were members of associations.

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RESALE Local meets Global, Thursday, 19 April 2007, from 4 pm
„Local meets Global“ is the motto of the evening...

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